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You can create a set of predefined rules to automatically copy or move emails from each seperate inboxes to a unique folder on your PC or server.
MsgSave version has been released which fixes a bug to prevent the hardware fingerprint changing.
The support team at www.sarcophagus.co.uk have been analysing the puchase history and Legal practises and Civil and Structural Engineering practices are the most predominant purchasers of MsgSave.  From the research undertaken it appears that these industry groups use job numbers for new projects and save all correspondance into the relevat job folder.  Therefore MsgSave is a class

"MsgSave is a gem of a product and fills a very significant gap within my law firm business.  It allows for the quick and seamless saving of multiple emails from MS Outlook into our regular filing system.  We have found it to be both intuitive and invaluable.  The technical support from MsgSave is also efficient, friendly and knowledgeable." (Jonathan Moore - Principal)

The initial phase of testing has been completed for MsgSave compatibility with the new versions of Windows OS and Office.

MsgSave has been tested on Windows 8 (64 bit) with Office 2010 (32 bit).
No compatability issues have been reported.

The next phase of testing will be carried out on Windows 8 (32 bit) with Office 2010 (32 bit).

Please note that MsgSave is still not


This issue only affects a small number of customers.

Due to a change of ISP, if your installation of MsgSave is using the fallback mechanism (IP Socket) to connect to our Licence Management Server it may fail and become invalid.

The preferred solution to this issue is to download and install the latest version of MsgSave which has improved mechanisms for connecting via the web service to


We have added a facility which copies default options for Mapped Folders from the Options tab. If you set up your default options for your most common settings then each time you map a new folder the settings will be copied from the default.

Bug fixed: the Mapped Folders option to save the `Current Folder Only` was being disabled when the `Use Default Options` checkbox was ticked.

Bug Fixed:

A bug which caused MsgSave to fail to connect to the registration server after entering the Purchase Id has been fixed.

The mechanism for handling registration failure has been improved.

A facility to override the default options has been added to the Save Selected tab.

MAC Address and disk identity access algorithms have been improved to prevent the hardware fingerprint from changing.

“The MsgSave software has been the answer to my prayers in terms of finding a simple solution to backing up and retrieving Outlook emails. Archiving is all well and good if you are fixed to a desktop machine but for folks who travel abroad extensively in the course of their work and who need a user-friendly and highly portable solution to email backup, covering both desktops and laptops,
"We have been using MsgSave for over 5 years and find it to be a huge time saver.  The users do not have to open each message and do a “save as”, they just configure their folders, drag and drop the emails into them and click “save”. It also provides a way for the saved emails to be uniform in the format they are saved in.  I would recommend MsgSave to

On Monday 18th October 2010 Sarcophagus successfully rolled out the 2010 version of  www.the-project.co.uk , a major upgrade of the award winning online project collaboration solution.

The migration to the new UK version took less the half an hour and was done at 17:30 GMT when almost all users were logged off.  Feedback has been very positive and no one has reported any negative


If you like our website please submit it to stumble upon. You will see the icon at the bottom of the home page. Just click on it.

Local property owners have renewed calls for the governments tax on empty commercial properties to be lifted weeks ahead of the political party conferences.

Graham Howarth, partner in GJ&J Properties, based in Westgate, Wakefield told Sky News that the tax was damaging the local economy and halting new investment in regenerating the area.

MsgSave have joined the world of social networking. Why not follow us on facebook and twitter and share us with your friends.

Testing has begun for MsgSave compatibility with the new versions of Windows OS and Office.

There are a number of combinations of Office versions and OS versions to test so it will be some time before this task is complete.

Initial testing on Windows 7 (32 bit) with Office 2010 and Windows 7 (64 bit) with Office 2007 suggest that MsgSave is essentially compatible with these OS versions and


The latest version of MsgSave includes the following updates: 

Override Default Options.
Saving selected messages/selected folder will have the option to override the default option settings. This will enable users to quickly save messages with a different naming convention or options without having to change the default options and then change them back again.

Save selected Mapped


A number of new developments are planned for MsgSave and will be released in phases over the next few weeks.

Override Default Options.
Saving selected messages/selected folder will have the option to override the default option settings. This will enable users to quickly save messages with a different naming convention or options without having to change the default options and then change them


The MsgSave products are now to be sold on a continuous licence basis.

MsgSave 5 was initially sold on a subscription basis in order to cover support costs and new development. This is proving to be unpopular with some customers so the decision was made to revert back to a continuous licence as was the case with previous versions.

Support is now available as an optional extra instead of

This clever add-in for Microsoft Outlook lets you filter your emails in any Outlook folder and save them to your PC or Network. Messages are saved with a unique file name which can include the date, time, sender, recipient and message title.
The messages can also be automatically deleted from Outlook when they are saved. This saves each user many hours per week and ensures email can be archived
A new and more advanced MsgSave Website was launched in August 2009 to meet the needs of worldwide customers with a new easy to use interface. The website has been designed as a full content management solution which means that the content can be updated by the team providing customers with more up-to-date information. Sarcophagus Ltd, the authors of Msgsave decided to coincide the launch of the
The Options tab has a new feature added which will enable users to save messages without attachments.
Save As type has been moved to the Options tab.
The Edit Favourites button has been implemented.
Improved Proxy Server detection mechanism.
Bug fix for Use Default Options not working correctly.
Attachments can now be saved with the same filename options as messages plus the attachment filename.
A bug fix for Options not being saved when 'delete messages after saving' checkbox is clicked. Software framework for folder processing has been restructured for maintenance improvement. A mechanism has been implemented to allow access to the web service through a proxy server. The Reminder dialog has been customised for Invalid licenses.
Minor improvements to UI event handling and software framework. The Trial message limit has been increased to 100 and the Trial period has been extended to 30 days.
Removed event race condition which could cause MsgSaveConfiguredFolders.xml to become corrupt. The option to save as .Msg .Txt option has been added to Mapped Folders.
Additional exception handling for Mapped Folders where there is a missing folder EntryId has been added. This was preventing mapped folders from saving. The registration mechanism has now been converted to use a web service.
Mapped folders now have individual settings instead of using the default settings. There have been some minor UI improvements such as use of image buttons instead of text. Registration is now deferred for fully licensed installations and a registration retry mechanism has been implemented. Additional exception handling has been added for dialog control events. The option to install for all users
The decision to discontinue support for version 4 has been made due to the overwhelming amount of ongoing support being provided free of charge. This has been a drain on the company's resources with no revenue being generated.
Version 4 users are being encouraged to upgrade to version 5 with a compensatory discount offer. Although there is no pressure to do so. They can continue to use version 4
Sarcophagus were pleased to announce the launch of version 4 of Msgsave. This new version includes improvements to the existing design and exciting new functionality.

The most noticeable change is the user friendly intuitive redesign of the MsgSave interface. This allows users with little knowledge of Outlook to save their emails quickly and easily to their computer, network or external storage
Source: The Architects Journal

Sarcophagus has launched MsgSave V3.1.1, the email archival tool for Microsoft Outlook. Email overburden can now be managed by saving email to defined folders on your network, PC or removable disk.

The resulting files can contain attachments and have customisable filenames based on date, sender, recipient and subject etc.
With the launch of MsgSave version 3.0 the add-in now lets you specify:

the delimiter to use for file names
the date format to use in file names
to save messages without the attachments
to automatically save attachments to disk

MsgSave would benefit anybody who wants to save Microsoft Outlook messages. The message can be stored safely anywhere on your PC or network and returned to Microsoft

Sarcophagus™ Ltd The Plex, 15 Margaret Street, Wakefield, WF1 2DQ, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
UK Phone: 01924 925400

Sarcophagus Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number: 3780350
VAT number: 758536881

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