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Email Management Software - MsgSave Standard
MsgSave Standard for outlook email archiving

MsgSave Standard is an email management software add-in for Microsoft Outlook which makes saving email and their attachments easy. Perfect for home users or individuals, this email archiving software enables bulk saving of .msg files and the ability to save outlook message files including attachments to any PC drive, or Network location at the click of a button.

MsgSave standard bulk archives emails and saves Outlook folders using a customisable file naming convention by automatically extracting details such as: sent date/time, subject etc.

Each Outlook folder can be mapped to a specific file location on a users PC or network so you can bulk save emails to a directory of your choice so you can locate saved email messages with ease.

Overall, with this Microsoft Outlook email tool, you can quickly manage email, move email, save .msg files and reliably perform an email backup. You also have the ability to save individual files or create .pst files.

MsgSave Standard is a must for anyone who works with email on a daily basis and knows the importance of having information at their fingertips. Download your free 30 day trial today and discover for yourself just how usefull and easy MsgSave is.

Has your 30 Day trial run out? Purchase your eternal licence today.

Client Testimonial:

Carmon Amodei of Hunt Engineering uses MsgSave Standard and says:

"We have been using MsgSave for over 5 years and find it to be a huge time saver.  The users do not have to open each message and do a “save as”, they just configure their folders, drag and drop the emails into them and click “save”. It also provides a way for the saved emails to be uniform in the format they are saved in.  I would recommend MsgSave to anyone looking for an efficient, cost effective solution for saving email."


Features and benefits
  • Integrates into the standard Outlook interface
  • Save selected messages; or all messages in the current folder
  • Save current folder plus any sub-folder(s) in the folder tree
  • Bulk save just the attachments
  • Choose to remove attachments before saving
  • Specify a naming convention suitable to your needs
  • Choose which naming fields to include then arrange them in a suitable order
  • Add user defined text to filenames
  • Ability to include and/or exclude emails using keyword filters
  • Configure individual save destinations for each mail folder
  • Save all email in configured folders at once, or do it one at a time
  • Retrospectively apply file naming to already saved msg files
  • Automatically delete all emails after saving


  • Reliable email backup
  • Automatically cleans up your email folders
  • Reduce size of user`s mailbox and email folders
  • Improves email accessibility / collaboration with colleagues
  • Share specified emails with other users & staff
  • Take your emails with you on CD or other portable storage media
  • Improve Outlook performance
  • No need to police a standardised email saving protocol
  • No need to worry about Outlook having a corrupt PST file

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UK Phone: 01924 925400

Sarcophagus Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number: 3780350
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